Over the years I've been with different hosts for my websites. I thought it was time I wrote some reviews about them. The first host I've ever been with was I've wanted my own domain for many years but found it always to expensive. When I came upon this website I thought 40 euros (about 70 US dollars) a year wasn't that expensive. It was then that I decided that to get my own web hosting. Now I've been with them for over two years and was very happy with them. I never needed to use the support and my website was always reachable. During that time I have never noticed my website being down. The only problem I had with them was their control panel. At that time they used a control panel which wasn't ideal. Yes, I see they use cPanel now but that wasn't what they used before. It wasn't ideal to work with. It was a hassle to create a new database and don't even get me started on creating an email address. I wanted to do more with my website but they couldn't help me so I moved. I actually have thought about going back to them but decided I have out grow them. They are a very reliable host and now with cPanel I think they will be an amazing host. Especially for beginners that are looking for relatively cheap hosting.